SBTB: The Malibu Sands Episodes 



Hate the playa and the game
It's sex, lies and volleyball as the Malibu Sands Beach Club prepares for the big match against North Beach. Oh, except there's no sex. And not much lying, either, unless you count the big one Zack pulls over on Carosi to get him to back their ragtag team. But there is lots of volleyball. Um, yay?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of really hideous clothing
The Fourth of July finds the girls of Malibu Sands exercising their God-given right to dress like they're on their way to a drag show (or Disneyland or a third-grade school pageant, in the case of Kelly and Jessie). In the delayed-reaction category, Carosi finally fires Zack (only to hire him back later the same day under threat of a lawsuit), and Zack and Stacey finally make out.

How to lose a job in two days
After the gang displays their collective ineptitude at being responsible members of the workforce (by being impertinent, lazy and using company resources for their personal needs), they're rightfully fired. Unfortunately, Stacey Carosi, in a very un-Stacey-Carosi-like move, saves their sorry asses. Anyone else think the Malibu Sands Beach Club would be much better if it were run by Donald Trump?

How to have your Bavarian chocolate cream cake and eat it, too
The gang learns that it is possible to have it all--a day without the boss, buried treasure, your own beach, Rachel Dratch and a Bavarian chocolate cream cake--but only if you can get rid of Jessie "Che Guevara" Spano first. Power to the people!

Craig Strand: No Longer Stacey's Bread and Margarine
Stacey's Ivy-League boyfriend recites poetry really badly and cheats at charity ATV races. Is it any wonder she left him for the simple charms of Zack Morris, who actually thinks buttering some bread in the beach club kitchen is a great date?

Summer dreams, ripped at the seams, but oh! those summer niiiii-iiiiiights
It's love, Malibu-Sands-style, as the gang says buh-bye to the Carosi family and hel-LO to Denise Richards. (But not for long, despite what Slater says.)

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